Today, I had the privilege of participating in a coaching session with Hira Ali, who helped me find the answers within myself. Hira Ali provided a safe space where I was able to unpack and explore which led to several insightful moments.
I can honestly say that I left the coaching session with clarity and direction, and for this, I am thankful to Hira Ali for creating a supportive environment that allowed me to explore openly.

Thank you for your support across the Ignite programme and 121 coaching. I have really enjoyed learning from you and understanding how to enhance my career in a more effective manner.

Enjoyed the coaching session with Hira; thought it was well structured and aided in our peer coaching

Hira provides direct and assured advice, inspiration and motivation. Her words have encouraged me to ask the question “why not me?” in the workplace more often.

I had a great experience working with Hira Ali as a consultant. I hired her for assisting me in creating a self-coaching program for parents. This task was new for me and I am very grateful that Hira shared with me her valuable knowledge and expertise in every aspect of my creation. I recommend Hira Ali to everyone who needs support in creating a program or course.

Hira is an authentic and hands-on coach. She works with your personal strengths and identifies your roadblocks; and arms you with effective and practical tools to discover and uncover the answers you need and the direction you need to take to reach your goals. Hira encourages you to climb higher, and invites you to consider your position/situation from a new and exciting vantage point - offering support, valuable insights and empowering guidance along the way.

I have come away from my sessions having felt that my goal for each had been achieved. Hira provided me clear direction on what next steps I need to take, to improve things at work and gave me guidance and signposting to pertinent literature, so that I could do some more research in order to improve myself. She has encouraged me and guided me on coping mechanisms to deal with “overcoming the imposter syndrome” It also has been easy to make contact with her, and response has promptly been received. I feel Hira is very approachable and puts me at ease, when I had nigglly doubts . I would be very happy to continue to have sessions with Hira.

My session with Hira was a breath of fresh air, literally. She gave me the clarity, inspiration and drive that I was lacking in my life. She has helped me introduce strategies and utilize tools which will be key in reducing my anxiety and stress in daily life as a busy mum with 3 small children. Hira is a great and highly qualified/experienced coach with just the right balance of listening skills and guidance/tricks up her sleeve to assist you with what's needed for you personally. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Through Hira’s coaching sessions, I have massively developed my mind-set which has allowed me to focus on what I want in my career and life, and put a strategic plan in place to achieve it. Hira has helped me navigate through the various challenges and tumultuous times, both in my personal life and professional life, allowing me to see the potential of the person that I can potentially be. It’s been incredibly insightful and important to have a professional such as Hira, give her thoughts, perspective and advice in a non-judgemental and supportive manner. After a conversation with Hira, I feel like no matter what life throws at me, I now have the tools and skills to get past any obstacle and do the things that I want to do. I would thoroughly recommend having coaching sessions with Hira Ali.

I cannot think of anything better than women helping women advance!. My meeting with Hira was 100% the jumping off point. She can definitely provide you with breakthroughs. I am someone very focused on women’s issues and the different ways in which women can experience challenges in the workplace. I can attest that Hira’s sessions would certainly provide you with tailored tools to tackle specific hurdles as well as, importantly, to hone existing talents. Hira is committed to ensuring the impact is tangible and long-term.