Thank you for delivering an insightful session. Over 90 people attended this time and many were appreciative of the tools and strategies you shared such as the AID. Sore than in any previous session. Comments ranged from insightful, inspirational included The chat was filled with comments such as inspirational to informative, some identifying some of the strategies such as AID’s, and some looking to implement them.

It was a privilege to host Hira Ali yesterday at Haleon IHQ alongside Sophie Bodet in celebration of International Women’s Day. During this ‘Health Inclusivity and Embracing Equity’ keynote session, Hira talked us through the meaning of equity, allyship, and inclusive socialisation, offering advice on how to break down internal barriers and challenge others’ assumptions/‘unconscious demotions.

Hira Ali, thank you so much for joining us yesterday at our Haleon HQ in Weybridge. It was a privilege to be able to celebrate IWD with you, and I feel honoured to have co-hosted the session. I love your focus on intersectionality and allies in the DEI space. Your passion for DEI is contagious!

Thank you to Hira Ali, founder and CEO, of Advancing Your Potential for today's enlightening presentation. Hira educated CST on the intricate nuances of intercultural communication and its pivotal role in today's diverse and dynamic work environments. These insights are an essential first step to navigating intercultural interactions effectively. We greatly appreciate the expertise and the 50 copies of her book, #herallies, that will further enrich our understanding to continue to support each other.

Awesome, vibrant session from Hira Ali at women in leaders conference, Civil service-despite attending virtually I could feel the fizz of energy in the room. Thank you so much for your inspiring talk at WIL, I am online but really wish I could see you in person.

You were absolutely AMAZING! Thank you again for a GREAT session.

Thank you for your inspiring presentation on Leadership Material. You were effective, passionate and Confident. I can’t wait to put the points you mentioned into action. Thank you!

So lovely to hear from you, you were absolutely brilliant. Thoroughly enjoyed your session and success story-truly inspirational, Raji Ramakrishnan
Hira Ali was superb, really made me think and gave us great homework challenge. I want her confidence and energy when public speaking. Dawn Claridge, RAF
Superb advice delivered with humour-great mix, Sas Duffin
Brilliant session on your leadership brand-Hira. The creative way you’ve have smashed the glass ceiling and adapted is inspiring. Fitz Patrick
Listening in awe and recognition to Hira Al at DWN, Anette Berry.
It was utterly brilliant to listen to you at DWN22. So many mobile devices popped up throughput your talk to capture what you shared-truly valuable. Thank you for your wisdom and energy and for smashing the myths, Sabrina Sheikh.

I really enjoyed the sessions facilitated by Hira. She is extremely knowledgeable with a relaxed style that invites conversation.

Hira Ali's "Her Way To The Top Leadership" programme is an excellent and invaluable programme that I would recommend to any woman in a leadership position or aspiring to become a leader. Hira delivers the workshops in a very practical and comprehensible manner. She not only provides you with sound evidence and research on how and why women face challenges in the work place but she also gives you advice and practical tips on how to overcome these hurdles. She is down to earth, friendly, unafraid to speak of her own experiences and totally inspirational and supportive of other women on the same journey. I recommend this course to anyone who wants an insight into maximising productivity, self-promotion, branding, public speaking, managing people and stressful situations. Don't be surprised if your given some exercises for homework. They help you tailor what you've learnt to your own needs.

I can’t thank you enough for today’s session. The presentation was great and everybody loved your energy and passion!

‘I found the course insightful and useful and given that I wasn't able to attend every session over the two weeks, the fact that you recorded them and these were available afterwards was great.’ ‘Loads of good techniques and handouts.

I was pleased to attend a great talk this evening offered by the Professional Women's Network (PWN London) featuring Hira Ali, outstanding writer, international keynote speaker and influencer in the diversity world. She entertained the group on influencing and leadership and presented her new book 'Her Way To The Top, The Glass Ceiling is Thicker than it Looks.

Thanks Hira for the chat today. Some great advice for The Reach PLC Staff. Love the brain flip!

Thank you so much Hira Ali, it was a great session. I found it really interesting and most importantly, it got me thinking as a woman, as a Manager of women and the mother of a daughter.

Since reading Hira’s book, I have read a number of her blogs and more recently invited her to attend an evet as a speaker. She didn’t fail to impress and in 20 mins covered so much, the power of networking, personal brand and the importance of self-promotion. Feedback was amazing and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hira in a second as someone relatable and energetic and able to confidently discuss isssues faced by women and other minority groups.

Thank you so much for a passionate and inspiring talk to Old Oak Park Royal and London Government colleagues on what we can all do support gender equality in the workplace.

Thank you for a brilliant session today. Loved your energy, authenticity and practical tips in the workplace.

This was super presentation from Hira, with some great stress busting tips and ideas. Fantastic webinar and brilliant insights! Thank you so much, I will be using these techniques.

Fascinating and Inspirational talk to the South East London NHS Women’s leadership network by Hira Ali. Hira shared her career journey and the session focused on Impostor syndrome and self-doubt including key strategies to manage these. I’d highly recommend reading Hira’s book Her Way To The Top.

Hira's content was robust, well researched, and fitted the brief perfectly. Her actionable points were super useful, and incredibly beneficial for employees watching at all levels of seniority and she was great at working with us to tailor to content to suit our company and what we needed. She is very approachable and great to work with.

Thank you so much for your presentation yesterday. I’ ve received several messages from the network saying how useful the session and were really appreciative of the session! Many participants shared how the content resonated with them and inspired them to action.

Fearless Communication with Hira Ali was phenomenal. She is engaging, candid and very relatable !Many takeaways but my favourites were " when we experience failure acknowledge the feelings, they are valid sit with them and a couple of days later focus on things that will help towards the outcome you want."

I have completed many leadership courses throughout my career and this one stands out the MOST. The practical tips, application & many good tools and examples were of immense use. Hira has a very different and appealing way of teaching as she exudes confidence and has so much valuable knowledge and experience to share.

Hira has conducted a plethora of wonderful Leadership program for our employees. She is one of our most favorite and sought after external trainers. After attending her trainings, the participants are always excited to bring about a change in their behavior and are empowered and charged up. There is a noticeable shift in their behavior.

A big shout out to Hira Ali who totally smashed it as our guest speaker talking about Her Way to The Top – a must read if you haven’t already.’ ‘Thank you Hira Ali for an uplifting session at The Blue Thinking Sky Festival, we have had some fantastic feedback.

It was such a pleasure having you as the keynote speaker — our members learned so much from your phenomenal seminar!