About The Program

The "Her Way To The Top Women Leadership Series" is a comprehensive program designed to empower women in their professional journeys.

This series encompasses various sessions, drawing insights from Hira's book, talks, and women-specific workshops she has conducted over the years. The program addresses multiple aspects, providing women with strategies to overcome internal and external barriers hindering their career progression. Participants build a distinctive personal brand, elevating personal and professional identities. The program strongly emphasises creating a solid support network and advisory board, integrating strategic network development to get valuable guidance and support, particularly in accessing opportunities or addressing challenging conversations such as microaggressions. Participants gain valuable insights into effective influencing strategies for career planning, fostering a proactive and strategic approach to professional growth.

Grounded in principles of research, psychology and neuroscience, the program offers steadfast support for fostering confident leadership, achieving visibility, and maintaining a harmonious balance between personal and professional life. This holistic approach is designed to nurture resilient and empowered women leaders who can adeptly navigate the intricacies of the professional landscape.

Topics Covered

  • Her Way To The Top (Top Internal Career 'Derailers' Women Experience at Work)
  • Beyond Impostor Syndrome: Strategies for Owning Your Space Confidently
  • Mastering Self-Leadership & Deriving Purpose in Life
  • Crafting Your Leadership Identity for Maximum Impact
  • Excelling in Male-dominated Industries or When you are the Only
  • Cultivating Confidence: Building Self-Esteem and Assertiveness
  • Powerful Presence: Mastering Authority through Body Language
  • Strategic Self-Advocacy: Promoting Your Professional Journey
  • Organisational Mastery for Peak Personal Performance
  • Emotional Intelligence: Navigating Difficult People and Emotions
  • Empowerment Through Self-Coaching with N.L.P. Techniques
  • Managing Microaggressions/Bullying
  • Workplace Harassment and Bullying - What You Need to Know and Do
  • Building Your Personal Advisory Board
  • Strategic Networking for Professional Success
  • Fearless Communication and Influencing Strategies
  • Managing Stress And Anxiety

Each of the topics above can be comprehensively addressed within a flexible time frame ranging from 45 to 180 minutes, followed by a dynamic Q&A session to enhance participant engagement. The content is adaptable, allowing customisation to suit the distinct needs of participants. A combination of topics can be curated and delivered over a period of 3 to 6 months, offering a gradual and immersive learning experience. Participants can also further enrich their learning through subsequent group coaching sessions. These versatile sessions are thoughtfully designed to be accessible to all participants, whether delivered virtually as Lunch and Learn or in-person, emphasising convenience in the learning experience.