About The Program

The "Self & Team Management Series" is a program designed to enhance the skills of Team Managers and Leaders and recognise their pivotal role in successful organisations.

Teams are the fundamental building block of successful organisations, influencing service, quality, cost, efficiency, and performance. Team Managers and Leaders are critical in bridging the gap between employees and top management, impacting team productivity and overall success. This program's key considerations revolve around understanding the intricate dynamics among Team Managers, team members, and top management. The sessions are specifically designed to enhance the skills of Team Managers, focusing on equipping them with effective communication, coaching, and conflict-resolution abilities to foster a cohesive and high-performing team environment.

Topics Covered

  • Strategic Negotiation Techniques for Optimal Results
  • Transitioning to Leadership: Mastering Managerial Responsibilities
  • Team Building Mastery: Cultivating High-Performance Teams
  • Delegation Mastery: Empowering Teams with Accountability
  • Crafting Constructive Feedback: The Art of Effective Team Communication
  • Navigating Difficult Team Conversations with Skill and Tact
  • Effective Conflict Management for Leaders
  • Breaking Performance Barriers: Effective Team Reviews and Improvement
  • Team Recognition and Motivation Strategies
  • Effective Strategies for Managing Workplace Bullies
  • Vulnerability as a Leadership Tool: Leveraging Authenticity for Impact
  • Goal Setting Through Strategic Planning for Professional Success
  • Emotional Intelligence Mastery: Managing Anger and Emotions Professionally

  • Each of the topics above can be comprehensively addressed within a flexible time frame ranging from 45 to 180 minutes, followed by a dynamic Q&A session to enhance participant engagement. The content is adaptable, allowing customisation to suit the distinct needs of participants. A combination of topics can be curated and delivered over a period of 3 to 6 months, offering a gradual and immersive learning experience. Participants can also further enrich their learning through subsequent group coaching sessions. These versatile sessions are thoughtfully designed to be accessible to all participants, whether delivered virtually as Lunch and Learn or in-person, emphasising convenience in the learning experience.