About The Program

The Intercultural Competence Series is a comprehensive program designed to augment individuals' efficacy in navigating the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environment prevalent in today's workplaces. In an era of constant change, intercultural competence has evolved into a crucial skill for success, fostering agility, resilience, collaboration, and communication. This transferable skill is instrumental in promoting effective interactions across diverse teams and international settings. The program delves into intercultural communication, investigating the impact of different values, attitudes, and beliefs on communication between cultures and social groups. Key considerations within the program encompass understanding the intersection of VUCA and intercultural competence for enhanced adaptability and success. Recognising that intercultural competence transcends cultural boundaries, the program emphasises its applicability in diverse and fluid contexts, positioning it as a transferable skill. In a world where diversity is the norm, intercultural competence emerges as an essential workplace competency, facilitating effective collaboration and successful outcomes in interactions with individuals from varied backgrounds.

Topics Covered:

  • Navigating VUCA through Intercultural Competence
  • Unveiling Culture: Visible vs Non-Visible Aspects
  • Competency Dynamics: Push vs Pull Strategies
  • Cultural Insight: Geert Hofstede's Six Dimensions
  • Erin Meyer's Lens: A Deep Dive into Cultural Dimensions
  • Platinum over Gold: Mastering the Platinum Rule
  • Cultural Perspectives: Ethnocentrism vs Ethnorelativism
  • Adapting Across Cultures: Bennett's Model in Focus
  • Cultural Sensitivity Evolution: The DMIS Approach
  • Navigating Diversity: The D.I.E. and D.A.E. Models
  • Challenging Assumptions: Unveiling Bias
  • 12. Linguistic Landmines: Tackling Challenges with Lingua Franca

Each of the topics above can be comprehensively addressed within a flexible time frame ranging from 45 to 180 minutes, followed by a dynamic Q&A session to enhance participant engagement. The content is adaptable, allowing customisation to suit the distinct needs of participants. A combination of topics can be curated and delivered over a period of 3 to 6 months, offering a gradual and immersive learning experience. Participants can also further enrich their learning through subsequent group coaching sessions. These versatile sessions are thoughtfully designed to be accessible to all participants, whether delivered virtually as Lunch and Learn or in-person, emphasising convenience in the learning experience.