Hira is proving her self a true warrior. Fighting for the cause she believes and making a difference.

Hira is a genuine, authentic thought leader who inspires others to be authentic, as well. She offers a fresh perspective on women in leadership, which is sorely needed. With Hira in the lead, others are guided and inspired to be powerful leaders as well.

She wrote a very interesting book that reveals why we women don´t succeed as we deserve, according to the research of the author they are internal and external factors.

She has contributed to the world of women & has inspired not just myself but many others. Coming from the BAME background she has made people take note & realise it can be done.

Hira is a kind, wonderful advocate for empowering women.

Hira is an inspirational young women, as you can see from the prestigious accolades from global influencers for her book and is a top leadership coach.

Hira's work is so important - inspiring women and girls, and serving as an important role model.

Hira's perserverance and drive to make a difference are second to none. She is a champion to the cause of empowering female talent and is an inspiration to many to keep striving for that dream.

She is inspirational and provides great clarity.

Hira is an inspiring coach and totally deserve this award for her determination, knowledge and support in leadership.

Hira’s contribution to media and research is thoroughly insightful, helpful and relatable. Her experience, knowledge and content is very relative and inspiring in helping women rise and support other women to do the same too.

I have been consistently inspired by Hira Ali after watching a talk of hers at a PA Conference two years ago. Ever since i’ve followed and read her work and messages and I never forget how positive she makes me personally feel. Like there is endless possibilities.

Hira is an incredible thought leader and inspirational champion of women.

Hira is an amazing young talent with refreshing ideas. We will be reading her work for years to come.

I met Hira at a women's empowering event and she inspired me just from her story. Without knowing me gave me advice and was genuine. Actions speak volumes.

Hira has done really well in her career helping others to become successful and inspiring young women like myself from afar. We need more women like her.

I think the work Hira is doing to encourage more women to come out of comfort zones and flourish in the workplace is very admirable. I wish her every success.

Hira is a go getter. Inspiring lady with a beautiful family.

Hira is a remarkable woman, an inspiration and a model of integrity, grit, resilience and compassion. She most assuredly deserves this award.

Very interested and inspiring book!!! Love it!!!

Hira is an inspiration. The way she approaches challenges and tackles them is remarkable.

Hira has decided how she wants her life to work and has executed that beautifully. She wants to lead and help women grow, develop and become leaders themselves. She exhibits this in every aspect of her career and her life. She is exceptionally deserving of this award!

I read Hira Ali's incredible book, she addresses issues to the core. Hira is an exceptional individual who knows how to create efficient and effective disruption to improve society and life for women. I'm proud to know Hira and she deserves this award.

Someone who inspires me and so many women with her outstanding book and innovative perspective to empower people.

Hira is such a source of inspiration for so many women. Active on so many platforms Hira has been able to make her mark in a very short time!

Hira is an inspiration and dedicated to the cause of achieving gender equality. Her accomplishments to date are proof of this including here recently published book. She is deserving of the Wintrade Award.

Truly inspirational, this lady is breaking down barriers for all Asian women. Fantastic woman.

Inspiring person who also takes time to listen to different points of view.

She's an international coach who has impacted the lives of many women on a global scale. For young people, and especially minority ethnic girls, I believe she's a true inspiration to many!

Hira is inspiring and empowering women from all backgrounds. She is giving them hope and love for their future. Supporting others to find the power within themselves is priceless.

The little girl around town achieves so much because of her perserverance and determination, inspiring many women including myself that nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself.

Hira deserves an award for inspiring women to fulfil their potential and increase their confidence. Underpinning her energy and persistence is a deep conviction in women’s potential - that should be developed!

Very witty, dynamic, empathetic.

Hira is an inspiration not just for women, but for men as well. I can proudly refer her name to my daughter as a role model and that's worth more than my vote here.

Hira has grown into an authentic blogger with genuine content. Her articles are not only relatable but inspirational for all struggling & valuable women across the world. She needs a big round of applause!

Hira is very much consistent and keep improving her leadership skills. most importantly, she has delivering her thiughts to the world through blogs, articles, learning sessions etc.

Hira, with her wise, practical and encouraging advice has impacted women throughout the world. More often working women are not as aggressive as their male peers are and Hira is working successfully to change that.

I believe she is a great inspiration for everyone and a role model for all!

I hope the book inspires more women like it has inspired me.

She is a remarkable influencer and a profound writer. She is chosen very critical topics in today’s fast paced and ever changing environment and received excellent reviews and accolades. She deserve it!

She is a great coach and expert trainer.

She has positively influenced me to stretch my abilities to become a better version of Me. Her posts have been very stimulating and encouraging to uplift the stance of women, both in personal and professional lives.

Hira is an agile lady. She is always positive. She knows how to keep balance and warmth in all relationships. Her personal and professional both aspects of the personality are very beautiful. She is amazing!

I have known Hira from my work. While working together we became really good friends as she is amazingly friendly and positive person. I think she is extremely talented and very passionate about making a difference in people's lives by helping them identify the obstacles and find their true selves. She is an openhearted and honest person who's always willing to help, which is evident in her blogs.

Hira Ali has a passion for female empowerment and has been supporting women across the globe. She has harnessed her experience and utilised her extensive knowledge and written a book for all women in 21st century full of practical tips and advice - further establishing her as a pioneer for the gender agenda. Hira keeps pushing the agenda and more importantly, she empowers women to scale to great heights.

Her thoughts and words impacted my thought process as a people leader. She has a very good way of expressing and coaching people all over the world.

Hira Ali’s book ‘Her Way To The Top’ is one which impacts and inspires people to continue their pursuit of success.

Hira provides direct and assured advice, inspiration and motivation. Her words have encouraged me to ask the question “why not me?” in the workplace more often.

I believe she is role model for minority women specially those who are stuck or need guidance on how to steer their careers in the right direction. Hira, deserves to be acknowledged!

Hira is strong, confidant and passionate woman who has broken glass ceilings herself, and now inspiring other women to find their way to the top! Truly deserving of the award!

She has been positively encouraging women of all backgrounds and her writing has been uplifting and influential.

Hiras work is highly motivating and inspirational.

This woman is paving the way for women. She has broken the urban myth that only women from ethnic minority backgrounds suffer in the workplace. A very real and detailed writer.

A wonderful soul both inside and out.

Because of her generosity with her time and the sincerity of her work. Everything she puts to paper she also lives out in her daily life.

Wow has Hira worked hard to create an authentic and highly enjoyable presence in the world. Here’s a woman who has done her research and her personal work and shared it with the world in a highly accessible way. Choose her. She really deserves to be acknowledged.

She's an inspiration, a wonderful, generous woman who knows how to truly collaborate and lift others up. She is concerned with humanity and lives on purpose every day.

I think she definitely deserves it she has worked hard and in short space of time achieved recognition for her great work and also has wrote her book to help women in all categories being a mum business women , well done Hira.

She is literally changing lives of women on the most foundational, truest level!!!!

Her writing in both her blogs and her recent book are inspirational for women both professionally and personally.

Hira wrote a well-researched and helpful book - Her Way To The Top - offering a number of organized and practical steps designed to help working women overcome a number of common internal and external struggles. It also shows women that they're not alone in their efforts to scale personal and professional walls. It is sure to be a beneficial book for many women in the decades to come.

Hira is an inspiration for the women of this age. I love and appreciate all her initiatives and deliverables and wish her the best and successes always.

I believe Hira has inspired many women from various walks of life to reach out for their dreams. Not only does she represents WOMEN as a marginalised Gender, but she represents them as Successful Entrepreneur, Business woman and leader. She also gives Women of color a voice in a globally competitive world. Her Advice resonates with women around the world specially in her book, Her way to the top!

She is awesome. Really making a difference. Her book is fantastic. She deserves this award.

Loved her book, outstanding read.

Hira has the most infectious passion and drive and through her book, podcasts etc this shines through. She is a true agent of change and very deserving of this awards.

Hira has dedicated all her efforts to empower women by not only educating them using different tools of media; she engages with her audience, women and girls globally to talk about subjects such as economic empowerment, leadership and capacity building. She leverages the power of new media... as well as traditional media to have inclusive conversations thereby raising awareness and triggering meaningful dialogue.

She is an excellent coach, trainer, writer and of course a well-respected person who has contributed and motivated women's in the society at large with her articles, videos and training she deserves this prestigious award.

Hira deserves her award for the excellent work she does to coach women in corporate and business to reach the top.

I've met Hira personally and she's very savvy, inspiring and an expert on leadership. She deserves to win this!

Hira is fully committed to her work. She goes an extra mile to support and inspire all women.

Hira is a brilliant writer. Her book and the articles she writes are positively impacting the lives and careers of women across the globe. She has a passion to make a difference through her work and through her media output, she is achieving this.

I just love everything Hira does, she is encouraging to women in a way that motivates. She is an inspirational person and I enjoy her perspective. She presents her topics in a way that is relatable and easy to understand. I appreciate listening to her and reading her articles.

For her inspiring and empowering messages to help other women succeed through her books, blogs and motivational videos/podcasts.

Hira delivers the the difficult content in simple language and with interesting examples. During her talks the content seems customized to the audience and keeps them engaged. Her blogs are concrete yet easy, relatable and do answer the questions in the readers mind and not only talk about the incidents or causes; she clearly opens up amazing options to handle the difficult situations strategically. It adds value to the readers thoughts. (At least it has this impact on me).

To reinvent yourself in a new country and create such a name for yourself is a huge achievement. Hira deserves this award, and her book is a invaluable support to women.

Hira’s journey has been truly inspirational and empowering.

Hira has always been a hard worker and go-getter from the start. She has done nothing but contribute greatly to the field of HR with special emphasis on its training and developmental aspect. Her consistent effort manifests itself in form of countless blogs, podcasts and now her latest achievement, her book. She undoubtedly deserves to win this award.

Hira is truly a tremendous influencer, inspiration, and voice for all women.

An upcoming influential voice and advocate of women at work, she has gone in depth on the challenges faced by women in the workplace and how women can contribute to the organizational success, foster relationships and be successful to reach the top.

Hira works hard to help everyone achieve their potential.

Hira is a brave and persistent feminist. She's exactly what we need to see in leadership!

Her book is fantastic advice and I have shared this with a number of colleagues.

Hira is a hardworking and passionate individual. She is one of my mentors and I always take motivation and inspiration from her.

Author and advocate for gender balance.

I think Hira's book 'Her way to the Top' sets her apart from a lot of her peers working in the women's empowerment field. It really is a gamechanger and is well researched and well written. Quite rightly, it has put Hira well and truly on the map in the media landscape. Happy to be voting for her!

I have enjoyed reading her blogs/ posts, listening to her podcast and have been positively impacted by her book.

Inspiring, kind, thoughtful and approachable. A fountain of knowledge based on real-life experiences.

Hira is an inspiring bold writer and an inspiration to women who find barriers on their way to the top, Hira encourages all women to persevere and be confident in our ability!

Hira has been doing outstanding work to help women succeed.

Hira is a passionate advocate for women. She tirelessly addresses the issues that hold women back and the way forward through her blog, podcast and book.

Her book is so inspiring to read, it is well researched and thoroughly relevant to women in the 21st century.

She is an inspiration to all young women’s who want to Do something big. She is an excellent writer and great person.

Hira has shown great character and strength to inspire other women to conquer their fears and step up regardless!

She is an inspiration and is tireless in her commitment to help empower women to achieve their potential.

She is brilliant and her work is contributing to manager's responsibility to prepare his successors.

Hira is an epitome of goodness, with strong leadership qualities, who has helped many people, touched so many lives. She is a role model for many. An excellent leader and coach, always striving to add value to the life of people around her. Positively drive change. I am proud to associate my self with Hira. I wish her all the best in winning this award. She truly deserves it.

She's been absolutely phenomenal in her work and has achieved so much in these last few years. She's an inspiration to all!

Hira Ali has extended herself with amazing confidence and energy. She has impacted individuals and larger audiences by giving that confidence and energy to others as well.

Great writer of women issues with data supported by research.

She has written a powerful for women to help them navigate through a world of microagressions in the work place which are a harmful impediment to progress and when accumulated over time become a micro trauma which impacts health negatively. Her book offers a positive way forward by focusing on what the self can do to silence inner voices holding women back.

Hira is always working, she never stops - supporting and encouraging women from every walk of life; whether she’s training, writing, consulting, blogging or just being there for others with her genuine words of wisdom.

She is an inspiration for many who are out there working to make a contribution and change in other people’s lives.

Her book is awesome and she is an inspiring woman of purpose and poise.

She’s super talented More power to you!

Hira is a true inspiration to us all!

I’ve been connected to Hira for several years now on LinkedIn and her journey is inspirational. I wish her every success.

Hira, deserves to be rewarded for her continuous efforts to empower women. She works with determination, passion and perseverance. Her book “Her Way to The Top” reveals that she doesn’t do anything by half measure as it is thorough and rich with lived experiences of women around the world. She analyses intrinsic data bringing a masterpiece that must be read by policy makers, teachers, therapists, parents etc. Wishing her all the best.

She is a true Inspiration for the women of today's world.

This lady is an inspiration to me. She has worked incredible hard and is very dedicated to helping others.

Hira continues to use all media outlets in support of women, her perceptions, advice adding to knowledge, inspiring women to crack the glass ceiling, thrive.

As a co-founder of a female-focused Career club, I am fully in support of Hira’s mission! Her dedication and authenticity is inspiring. She absolutely has my vote and deserves recognition!

Hira was a passionate and enthusiastic mentor for me in Cherie Blair Foundation.

Hira is an absolute inspiration. Her book is great and her attitude and mission are beautiful!

Hira is a true inspiration.

Hira is braving through all the challenges and she believes in herself. I say it is time we match that belief by awarding her efforts and results.

Hira is a super woman a great motivational force for everyone.

Insightfully leading on her journey to empower others.

We're grateful to Hira for offering her time and support to the Women's Equality Party. It was so good to attend the launch of Her Way To The Top. Also: Happy UK Mother's Day to Hira – a great mother who brings up feminist issues with her son!

The passion and drive she puts in whatever she believes in, is inspiring and commendable. Known her for years now. A true role model...wishing the very best to her.

Inspiration to all woman out there! Should be awarded for her encouragements.

She is an absolute power house of a women, someone that is determined to bring equality in the workplace for women and help all those in developing counties where the thoughts on gender equality are non existent. Love her passion and ethos.

Hira has dedicated her life to helping others achieve their potential. She truly cares about each and every woman she connects with. Her new book is also an inspiration to others and will help career women find their voice. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do, Hira. Good luck!

I believe Hira Ali should win this award as she is positively encouraging women and cheering us on through whatever field of work we are in.

I loved her book very inspiring and thoughtful. Motivational videos!!

Hira is doing a great job. She is a strong, confident and principled woman.

Hira is a rising powerhouse who truly wants to help empower women and girls in leadership and financial Independence. Her energy and enthusiasm coupled with her wisdom and skills make her an outstanding role model and leader.

Hard working mother, who thrives upon helping other women in becoming the best versions of themselves. A great role model for us women! Meeting Hira in person I am amazed by how humble and kind hearted soul she is! She genuinely cares about helping others and is not shy to share her skills with the world! May the best candidate win... Hira Ali!!!!

Inspiring and thought provoking book from a insightful woman!

Hira has committed herself to helping others succeed personally and professionally. She delivers great advice consistently and is a true champion of others, especially in her mission to help women realize their leadership potential.

Hira with her dedication,sincerity and with eagerness for excellence deserves to win. She possess a combination of skills and experience which makes her stand out . Hira is her OWN Hero and truly a Winner :)

Inspirational women raising the voice for women and minority groups.

She’s shaking things up for women. She’s trying to create a world where women and men are equal, and respectful of each other’s rights.

Every woman needs to read Hira Ali’s book her way to the top. The ideas and insights shared in Hiras books, blogs and social media is what needs to be taught to girls and women in the school and college education in order to raise an empowered generation of superwomen!

Hira is an absolute heroine of mine. Her book is well researched and well written. She doesn’t always choose the easy route and her bravery has to be commended!

Hira is a brilliant role model for women around the world. Her drive to succeed the fact she is also a mother and wife shows shines who cam succeed in whatever country she is based, whatever challenges she is faced with, makes her an exceptional role model, a beacon for women everywhere.

Hira is a deserving entrepreneurial and talented woman, who is out there to achieve her dreams and make it happen against all odds.

Inspirational women raising the voice for women and minority.

Hira is an inspirational trail blazer.

Hira is impacting women to succeed here and now in the global format!

Hira moved to the UK a few year ago and had to restart her career from scratch. She knows firsthand what it takes to find one's way to the top as she has personally experienced this. Furthermore, she never allowed her achievements to change who she is. She is truly a remarkable woman who has moved mountains to be where she is today and is still so down to earth and humble.