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In this preliminary strategy call, we will discuss your existing career challenges and how and what can be done to revitalize and reinvogate your career. Whether you are just starting out, in the middle of your career or in a senior role - looking to explore side hustles, I can provide you a customized coaching + mentoring package to suit your needs 

The International Coach Federation ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today's uncertain and complex environment.​

International Coach Federation


You have something urgent, exciting or compelling at stake (challenge, stretch goal, new opportunity)

You want to address gaps in existing knowledge skills, confidence or resources​

You have a desire to accelerate results and expedite your progression​/ promotion

You have just been promoted OR have changed your company/ job/industry and need support with the transition

You are experiencing difficulties coping with your boss, team members, colleagues

You wish to achieve clarity regarding your career choices or you have many ideas but not sure which one to pursue

Your success is becoming problematic and you wish to up your game & revive your stunted career growth

You wish to achieve work life balance

You want to identify and leverage core strengths

You want to gain more traction/ recognition at work or business

You have outgrown your existing career and want to do something better, something more exciting, something bigger but don't know where to start

You are unsure about what brings you joy and excitement

Hi, I'm Hira Ali-A Leadership Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Writer, Executive Career Coach & Licensed NLP Practitioner.

  I am your career flight instructor. I give you the wings to soar to great heights of success, satisfaction & power in your profession. I help you get clear on the strategies to become the leader you know you can be. With me by your side, you will let go of all limiting beliefs and learn to fly.


  • I will  assess your leadership style, provide you a detailed report on the latter and will then equip you with the necessary skills required to make your progress further
  • I will  help you to get unstuck quickly by providing clarity and focus to your goals at work/business so that instead of sulking for hours in confusion and self-doubt, you can use that time to go home early and regularly plan enjoyable and guilt free evenings with friends and family
  • I will facilitate you in making yourself more self aware of your emotions, thoughts and feelings so that you can question yourself, challenge limiting beliefs, kick a mighty blow to these annoying gremlins aka thought toxins and concentrate on what really matters
  • I will provide you with increased accountability to achieve your work/business goals so that you save yourself from days of procrastination and go on a holiday instead
  • I will encourage your self refection, problem solving and self reliance; so that you can finish projects on your own without having to seek advice from a hundred others
  • I will boost your creativity and ability to look at things from a fresh perspective for self and others; so that you don’t bore yourself to death with the same solutions again and again and your colleagues come running from far and wide to solicit your advice and feedback



I have a decade full of experience in coaching training and mentoring thousands of working professionals belongs to various cadres, nationalities and backgrounds on leadership skills. My coaching experience is backed by extensive trainings delivered to hundreds of Middle and Senior Managers.  I am also a registered coach and mentor with NHS and other leading organizations


I am not a self proclaimed coach! I am an accredited member of International Coach Federation & Association for Neuro Linguistics Programming. My leadership articles have been featured in some of the most renowned global publications of the world and have been read and shared by thousands of people including famous influencers. I have also been featured in several international leading podcasts. My own podcast has been featured in the HuffPost. So I know a thing or 100 about what it actually entails to become to become leadership material


I promise results. My background in NLP helps me facilitate clients on a much deeper level. My coaching and trainings have received incredible feedback. I have had an above average evaluation for my leadership trainings and group coaching sessions. I have also won many awards and accolades for the work I do



For those looking to kick start their career or looking to explore new careers/business ideas

  • Provide clarity in career choices
  • Help in resume building/ LinkedIn Profile/ interview preparation


For those who are in the middle or senior level in their career

  • Assessment of skills, challenges, aspirations, needs through personality questionnaire and preliminary discussion
  • Action Planning for Career acceleration based on results and initial discussion.  Coaching on challenges being faced at work followed around the needs identified in the questionnaire
  • Skill development tools, exercises, activities and feedback


For those who are self employed and  wish to launch or restructure their business

  • Idea validation, business action plan,
  • Systems and processes & business building tools for  launching/ improving your business
  • Execution, follow up, accountability



90 minute Sessions



60 minutesSessions

£165  per month


60 minutes Sessions

£125 per month


Hira provided me clear direction on what next steps I need to take, to improve things at work and gave me guidance and signposting to pertinent literature, so that I could do some more research in order to improve myself. She has encourage me and guided me on coping mechanisms to deal with “overcoming the imposter syndrome” It also has been easy to make contact with her, and response has promptly been received. I feel Hira is very approachable and puts me at ease, when I had nigglly doubts . I would be very happy to continue to have sessions with Hira.

Deputy Manager 

My session with Hira was a breath of fresh air, literally. She gave me the clarity, inspiration and drive that I was lacking in my life. She has helped me introduce strategies and utilize tools which will be key in reducing my anxiety and stress in daily life as a busy mum with 3 small Children. Hira is a great and highly qualified/experienced coach with just the right balance of listening skills and guidance/tricks up her sleeve to assist you with what's needed for you personally. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Business Owner 

My sessions with Hira are very insightful, self-enabling and empowering. She really helped me in developing and evolving my leadership brand. Hira has extensive experience and expertise in leadership training which proved to be further beneficial in equipping me with concrete and actionable steps for career progression

Senior Manager 

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In this preliminary strategy call, we will discuss your existing career challenges and how and what can be done to revitalize and reinvogate your career. Whether you are just starting out, in the middle of your career, in a senior role or looking to explore side hustles, I can provide you a customized coaching + mentoring package to suit your needs 

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