Podcast Episode #8 Limiting Beliefs and How To Question Them

This podcast is based on my latest article in the HuffPost on yet another topic close to my heart- Beliefs and Limiting Beliefs & how they impact you in a major way! Do you remember a time when you wanted to pursue a goal but didn’t because you failed to perform it well the first time? Or a time when you didn’t voice your opinion in a meeting for fear of being rejected or judged? Well, that was a limiting belief holding you back. A limiting belief is a false belief that a person holds true based on incorrect or incomplete conclusions about certain things in life. All human beings have a tendency to be negative, some being more prone to it than others. However, when these beliefs turn into toxic thought traps that sabotage your progress, they need to be addressed promptly. The good news is that with a little practice and discipline, you can avoid succumbing to these mind-chattering gremlins and stop them right in their tracks!

In this podcast, you will learn questioning techniques that can help you to distance yourself from debilitating thoughts and allow you to view situations more objectively. However, for self-questioning to work more effectively, you need something else too and that is to stop believing in the myth that someone else will come to your rescue. Trust YOURSELF to be your own best rescuer! Why? Simply, because who else could be a better expert in your life than YOU YOURSELF? Your only limit is You!
Ultimately, you own and control the most powerful weapon that can help you to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY- YOUR BRAIN

Do not underestimate its power – it will play a pivotal role in your success. By repeatedly telling your brain that it can achieve something, you can train it to think affirmatively, so make sure you feed it with positive and ‘can do’ thoughts only. After all as Henry Ford, aptly put it; ‘Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t—you’re right!

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