Podcast Episode #5 Guest Damon Nailer




ESTIMATION- UNDERSTAND YOUR MEASURE OF GRACE (GREATEST POTENTIAL)- the amount of ability and maximum power that has been divinely invested in you. Your greatest reach or limit (local, regional, national, or international

VISUALIZATION- see yourself operating at the level and becoming that great person. Picture yourself achieving your goals. Despite where you are create a mental picture of where you want to go and what you can become if you render the necessary efforts because in actuality the current place is an illusion and your place of destiny is your reality. You just have to travel to get there. .

ORGANIZATION- Plan. Always have goals, tasks, and deadlines. Make sure to be flexible in the event you must adjust your plan to
accommodate unforeseen obstacles and circumstances which may arise.

ACTIVATION- Just do it. This is where the rubber meets the role. Don’t allow the fear of failure and the fear of rejection hinder you. Merely taking action automatically makes you a success because you can not control the results of any undertaking. Be satisfied with the
fact you did your part. This alone makes you a success.


“Multifaceted”, “passionate”, and “skilled” all describe Damon”DaRil” Nailer. DaRil is a New Orleans native who currently
resides in Monroe, LA. Known as a “Renaissance Man” and a”Multi-talented Inspirational Communicator”, Mr. Nailer does many things. Among them are mentor, motivate, educate and address people’s mental, spiritual, and emotional needs through various means. He writes inspirational books and blogs, he speaks, he coaches, and he even produces inspirational music. His experience is very rich  and diverse with all the hats he has worn: Energetic Educator, Dynamic Speaker, Talented Music Producer/Songwriter/Recording Artist (released 6 musical projects), Uplifting, Knowledgeable Author (2 inspirational eBooks-THE GREAT TASTE OF SUCCESS & A GREATER TASTE OF SUCCESS, 1 nonfictional book-REVELATION RIGHTLY REVEALED, and a dynamic instructional coaching program- THE G3 JOURNEY), Diligent Janitorial Business Owner, and last but not least, on the personal side he is a devoted husband and proud father.

Due to his diversity of gifts and wealth of experience in the following arenas: educational, entrepreneurial, religious, entertainment, relationships, and radio/TV, Mr. Nailer is able to effectively inspire and educate any audience. As a result of his tremendous accomplishments, he’s been featured over 100 times in or on the following: various online publications including The Huffington Post, TV shows, podcasts, radio shows, newspapers, and magazines.

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