Podcast Episode #10 Podcast Guest Michael Nova


Recently featured on Entrepreneur.com, Michael Nova has developed a proven track record of overseeing multiple businesses & creative projects simultaneously, both as a creative artist and entrepreneur.
As president of Nova Music Productions, Inc., Michael was featured in The New York Times as a pioneer in offering multiple services to independent artists in the music industry.

Several years later, Michael then created Nova Disc and Nova Custom Printing, divisions of the corporation that would focus on offering business to-business services. Over the years, Nova’s clients grew to include Nasa, Google, Loreal, Calvin Klien, American Express, The U.S. Government and thousands more

Because the business was doing well, Michael found a calling to give back to the community. He cofounded Metrofly, a non-profit organization that hosted fundraising events for charity.
Then, with the intention of also making a difference Michael independently funded and created the music and film multimedia project X The Human Condition. During the production, Michael lost his eyesight due to illness and nearly lost his business to bankruptcy but manifested a miraculous recovery, inspiring people around the world with his story

The multimedia project has received rave reviews globally, from Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia to North & South America. To date, the majority of all proceeds have been donated to charity.

Continuing the journey, Michael has now founded human condition, featuring interviews with people worldwide overcoming adversity and succeeding in life.

A new album and a documentary film will be released later this year which chronicles the entire project.

In this episode Michael shares with us some important strategies and tips for overcoming adversity such as gratitude and healthy daily habits. He believes that . We all deal with adversity. It’s
how we overcome it that can define us. Listen to this inspiring episode to learn more on